Suicide bombers kill 14 in a Christian community in Pakistan

Monday, March 16, 2015 - 10:00am


What happened?
In Pakistan, two suicide bombers blew themselves up.
Show a city with two bombs going off in different places.
They killed at least 15 people.
Show some people dead.
They wounded at least 70 people.
Show more people wounded, i.e. being treated by medical staff. It's ok to be graphic.
"At least 78 people were wounded"
-- Dr. Muhammed Saeed Sohbin, medical superintendent at Lahore General Hospital
You can see a video from CNN here. Warning: it is very disurbing.
Where did the bombings happen?
The bombings happened in Pakistan ...
Map showing Pakistan
... in Lahore City ...
Map showing Lahore City in Pakistan
... in a neighborhood called Youhanabad.
Map shouling Youhanabad in Lahore City
Pakistan is mostly Muslim, but Youhanabad is mostly Christian.
Show map, but put a cross over the neighborhood, and indicate islamic star-and-sycle outside.
It is one of the largest Christian communities in Pakistan.
What do we know about the bombings?
First, a man tried to get into St. John's Catholic Church.
Show a man starting to enter a church.
A security guard said he could't go in.
Show security guard preventing him from entering.
He had explosives attached to his body.
Show the man opening his coat to reveal dynamite strapped to body.
He blew himself up.
Show him blowing himself up. It's ok to be graphic.
A few minutes later, about half a mile away, outside a Protestant church ...
Show a protestant church with the first explosion in the distance
... another suicide bomber exploded.
Show another explosion. We know less about this bombing, so we don't know if it was inside or outside the church, or if it was a man or woman.
Who was responsible for the bombings?
The Taliban in Pakistan said that they were responsible.
Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, said that they were responsible.
"The attacks will continue until Sharia Law is implemented in Pakistan" -- Ehsanullah Ehsan
What happened next?
After the bombings, the Christians were very angry.
Angry mob of Christians. "Mob" is ok.
One man had been arrested by the police.
Show mob approaching one man in police custody.
But the Christians took him away from the police.
Show the mob taking the man out of police custody by force.
They also found another man that they suspected.
Show them grabbing a second man. We don't know anything about him, so don't make him look either guilty or innocent.
They lynched both of the men.
Show mob killing both men. We don't know how they were killed so don't be specific. Could just show them dead.
They set both of their bodies on fire.
Show this. It's ok to be graphic.
There were demonstrations throughout the city, and in other cities, like Karachi.
Show this somehow. The other demonstrations might not be violent, so don't indicate mobs everywhere.
"The anger and grief shown by Christians strengthen our resolve to fight terrorism." -- Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan