The Justice Department will accuse Senator Robert Menedez of criminal corruption

Monday, March 9, 2015 - 11:15am


What happened?
The U.S. Department of Justice said that it is going to accuse Senator Robert Menendez.
They are going to charge him with corruption.
Same picture
They have been investigating him for more than two years.
Show investigators working
They will charge him in about two weeks.
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Who is Menendez?
Robert Menendez is a senator from New Jersey.
He is a Democrat.
Show a donkey labeled "Democrat"
He has been in Congress for more than 20 years.
Picture of Capitol. Show House of Representatives labeled on left, show Senate labeled on right. Put 1993-2006 under house; put 2006-2015 under senate.
He is the son of Cuban immigrants.
Show Cuba, U.S., and two hispanic-looking people in the U.S.
He was one of the few Democrats who criticized Obama for establishing relations with Cuba.
Show Menendez speaking disapprovigly while Obama and Raul Castro shake hands. Label "Obama" and "Castro" and "Menendez"
It vindicates the brutal behavior of the Cuban government.
Robert Menendez, Senator from New Jersey
What does the Justice Department say that Menendez did?
Salomon Melgen is a opthamologist. He is also a businessman.
Show Melgen
He runs eye clinics in Florida.
Show him outside his eye clinic.
He is a friend of Menendez. He also donated money to Menendez.
Show him giving a check to Menendez; they're standig together outside his eye clinic.
The Justice Department says that Menendez used his power as a senator to benefit Salomon Melgen.
Melgen and Medicare and Medicaid billing
Melgen had been accused of billing the government too much for Medicare and Medicaid services.
Show Melgen sending a bill to Medicare
The government said that Melgen had billed $8.9 million too much at one of his clinics.
Show Melgen taking money from Medicare
Twice, in 2009 and 2012, Menendez tried to help Melgen by telling officials that they were being unfair.
Show Menendez talking to people at the Medicare office
Menendez says that he said they were being unfair to all doctors, not just Melgen.
Same picture?
Melgen and the port investment in the Dominican Republic
Melgen was the chief investor in a company that wanted to provide security for a port in the Dominican Republic.
Show the Dominican Republic
The U.S. government was planning on giving security equipment to the port.
Show U.S. government offering scanners to an official
This would have hurt Melgen's business.
Same picture, but Melgen is watching; he is excluded.
In 2012, Melgen donated $700,000 to help Menendez and other Democrats.
Same picture, but focus on Melgen, who this time is giving a check to Menendez.
Melgen's staff then tried to tell the U.S. government not to provide the equipment to the Dominican Republic.
Same picture, but this time show Menendez getting in the way of the deal.
What does Menendez say?
I have always conducted myself appropriately and in accordance with the law
Robert Menendez, Senator from New Jersey
"I am not going anywhere." -- Menendez
Menendez at a podium.
You can watch Menendez's statement here.