Obama wants to ban "M855" bullets.

Saturday, February 28, 2015 - 9:45am


President Obama wants to ban "M855" bullets.

Picture of an X or "Banned" sign over an M855 bullet. Maybe the X is signed by Obama.

What is an M855 bullet?

no picture

There is a bullet called the "M855 Green Tip".

Picture of an M855.
It is made of steel and lead.

It is used in a kind of gun called an "AR-15".

Picture of an AR-15. Show M855 magazine loaded.

The AR-15 is a rifle. It is a semiautomatic.

Can you think of a picture to indicate "semi-automatic"? Not critical. Maybe just show the same picture as above, maybe firing.

The bullet is 5.56 millimeters wide.

Picture of an M855 with measurement. Maybe show a quarter or something for comparison.

The bullet can go through some kinds of armor.

Picture of an M855 going through a bulletproof vest.

The bullet is very popular. Many people buy it.

Picture of piles of boxes of bullets. Maybe also boxes of guns.

President Obama wants to ban this kind of bullet.

Picture of an X over the boxes of bullets from the previous panel. Maybe the word "banned". Maybe signed by Obama.

Why does Obama want to ban this bullet?

no picture

There is a new kind of gun. It can also use the M855.

Show a picture of a handgun with an M855 loaded. Maybe the handgun has a "new" tag on it.

It is a handgun. It is much smaller than the AR-15.

Show a picture of the AR-15 and the handgun.

Because it is smaller, people can hide it easily.

Show a bad guy hiding a handgun in his pocket while walking down a crowded street.

Police are scared that the handgun will be dangerous.

Show a picture of a bad guy with a handgun shooting a cop, with the bullet going through a bulletproof vest.

"Police have always been worried about bullets that can go through armor." - Dan Gross, President, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Picture of Dan Gross speaking at podium.

"New rules should help keep police officers safe." - Dan Gross

Picture of Dan Gross speaking.

What is Obama doing?

The agency in charge is the Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. It is also called the "BATFE".

Picture of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives, maybe next to a BATF office. Make sure that the pictures are in the same order as the words; maybe label each.

The BATFE will not let people manufacture, import, or sell M855 bullets.

Picture of X's over a factory, an import ship, and a gun store.

If you already bought M855 bullets, you can still use them ...

Picture of a box of bullets in a closet.

... but you will not be able to buy more M855 bullets.

Picture of padlock on gun store? Maybe somebody at a counter at a drug store, with the seller shaking her head?

Some people and groups are against the ban.

The National Rifle Association, or NRA, sent a message to their members.

Picture of an NRA member reading an email. Maybe it says "NRA" on a cap?

The NRA says that Obama is not working with Congress.

Picture of Congress with a question mark over it? Somehow indicate that Congress is not involved.

"Obama has spent his life trying to destroy the Second Amendment." - Chris W. Cox, NRA.

Picture of Chris Cox speaking at a podium.

"They couldn't ban rifles, so they're banning the bullets that the rifles need." - Lawrence Keane, the National Shooting Sports Foundation

Picture of Lawrence Keane speaking at a podium.

"The M855 bullets are not more dangerous than other bullets." - Lawrence Keane

Picture of Lawrence Keane speaking.

"Millions of M855 bullets have been sold. The BATF has not said that an M855 has ever been used in a handgun to kill a police officer." - Representative Robert Goodlatte, R-VA.

No picture? Can't think of a way to illustrate this. It was written in a letter, so maybe just put the text into the body of a letter.

Why is Obama banning the bullet, and not the gun?

no picture

In 2012, there was a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Graphic picture of the massacre. Include the words "Sandy Hook" on the school building. Date in corner showing 2012

Obama tried to put limits on guns. Congress would not let him.

Picture of Obama going to Congress, with a handful of bills, maybe. Date in corner showing 2012.

He wanted to ban assault weapons. Congress said "No."

Picture of Obama trying to ban assault weapons, and congress saying "No". I'm thinking maybe Obama, Congress, and a thought bubble showing an assault rifle. Date in corner still shows 2012.

He wanted people to get background checks before buying guns. Congress said "No".

Picture of above; probably another thought bubble? Date in corner still shows 2012.

He wanted guns to have smaller magazines. This would mean that they could only use a few bullets at a time. Congress said "No".

Picture as above, date in corner still shows 2012. Maybe the thought bubble shows a long magazine being cut short.

"The effort is not over. This was just round 1". -- Obama

Picture of Obama saying this to Congress.

Obama doesn't need Congress to ban bullets.

Picture of Obama banning bullets, with Congress in background.